Our diverse talent and inclusive culture gives us an edge in the marketplace and enables us to develop and implement innovative solutions to our customers' evolving challenges.
Horizon Investment Guidelines - Making the Right Choice
At Horizon, we are committed to doing business the right way to maintain and enhance our reputation in the marketplace and to continue to earn the trust placed in us by our customers and other stakeholders.
Responsibility and Accountability We hold everyone associated with Horizon responsible for understanding and adhering to our Code of Conduct and accountable for working to high ethical standards. When employees are hired, they are required to complete an ethics course and demonstrate their commitment to the high standards of ethical behaviour outlined in our Code of Conduct. Conducting business the right way is continually reinforced through training and education. In addition, employees are required to disclose any potential or perceived conflicts of interest in accordance with our policies and Code of Conduct.
Our principles guide us in doing the right thing. Above all, we act ethically and we value the trust placed in us by our customers, employees, investors, partners and communities.
We're in it for the long haul.
We win with people, culture and execution
We make and keep promises
We are committed to making people's lives better in the long term by providing solutions that stand the test of time; we anticipate the impact of decisions now and in the future and take risks wisely.
We manage our companies well and can afford to take risks for our clients; we honour our commitments; and our ability to improve our lives depends on delivering on the promises we make over the long term.
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