What is Horizon?
Horizon is an investment management company that is always committed to helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of great wealth, and is dedicated to bringing its member companies a wealth of technology application resources and valuable capital market experience. As a global asset management service platform, Horizon focuses on investment opportunities in three directions: technology, finance and consumption. We believe in innovation, dare to take risks, believe that good entrepreneurs are rare and precious, and are able to identify good business directions more keenly than investors, and through cross-market research and co-operation with our clients, we can capture accurate demand, assemble good products, serve the market, and create wealth and value! Since the company was founded, it has invested in more than 100 companies with distinctive technological features, innovative business models, high growth and development potential, and this figure is climbing with the development of the company ..........
Global Presence
BVI:Horizon Wealth Management Group
Horizon Wealth Technology Company
Horizon Wealth Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Horizon Wealth Fund Investments Pte.Ltd
Horizon Wealth Financial Services Limited
Our Investment Philosophy
Provide development funds for enterprises with excellent growth potential; uphold the confidence of long-term investment, and build a $10 billion global capital service provider with a long history of success.
Investment Sector Preferences
Internet, mobile internet, e-commerce, information technology, O2O, financial payment, catering and hospitality, healthcare, education and training.
We are trusted for our expertise in the financial sector
Provide diversified investment services, there is always an opportunity for you to choose the right one. Provide the best capital support to invested enterprises and projects. Top-notch risk control management Principle of maximising returns
Core Values
Our customers always come first.
We serve our clients through a global network, driven by partnership, integrity and the common goal of promoting sustainable economic growth and financial opportunity.
Company Mission
Maximise the return on the client's investment within acceptable risk limits.
Screen at every level and bet on high-quality, high-growth companies Actively expanding the channels and methods of capital utilisation Endeavour to enhance the return rate of various investment portfolios Maximise client returns within acceptable risk limits
Investment Commitments
We believe that the core competencies needed for wealth can only be gained from 0 to 1 experience The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself
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