Our Value Statement
We believe in innovation, dare to take risks, and believe that good entrepreneurs are rare and precious, and are able to identify good business directions, capture accurate needs, assemble good products, serve the market, and create wealth and value more keenly than investors!
Horizon has always been an investment management company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of great wealth, and is committed to bringing its member companies a wealth of technology application resources and valuable capital market experience. As an asset management service platform with a global layout, Horizon focuses on investment opportunities in three directions: technology, finance and consumption. Since its inception, it has invested in more than 100 companies with distinctive technological features, innovative business models, high growth and development potential, and this figure is climbing with the development of the companies ..........
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Our Investment Philosophy
Provide development funds for enterprises with excellent growth potential; uphold the confidence of long-term investment, and build a $10 billion global capital service provider with a long history of success.
Investment Sector Preferences
Internet, mobile internet, e-commerce, information technology, O2O, financial payment, catering and hospitality, healthcare, education and training.
The troika of the company's business grows alongside each other!
You can see that our investment in cutting-edge technology is substantial, including AI robotics, big data analytics, healthcare, and AR/VR are all hotspots that the company is chasing with its investment.
We are currently investing in the financial sector mainly in startups with low valued stocks, high growth bond funds, financial payment companies and web3 digital economy.
With the end of the epidemic and the recovery of global consumption, quality companies in e-commerce (cross-border e-commerce, entertainment e-commerce), cultural and creative, and tourism are our focus in the consumer investment space.
Investment Solutions
Discover together the wealth opportunities that are right for you
We are actively embracing the Web3 era, gradually accessing the world of the digital economy and becoming a leader in future financial innovation.
Institutional cooperation
We focus on our partners growing together and achieving optimal profitability together, and more and more investment organisations are favouring Horizon ....
Top talents from the financial industry are gathered here with specialised knowledge, information, skills and experience to provide the firm's clients with the highest quality product portfolios and market advisory services!
Horizon team
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Chief Operating Officer(COO)
Chief Investment Officer(CIO)
Operations Manager
Investment Manager
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Currency Manager
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Equity Manager
Joey Matt
Peter Clarke
Anthony Parker
Patrick o'Conner
Roger Young
Stacy de silva
Debra Rylands
Edward Maas
Samuel liu
David Brownie
Job opportunities
Talent is the foundation of the company's development, and is equally our most important strategic resource.
High-paying times, looking forward to having you, bull channel, open for you!
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We believe that the core competencies needed for wealth can only be gained from 0 to 1 experience
The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself
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